About Wind Flow Photography


Our intent is to move away from representational photography and embark on an examination of more abstract shapes and forms. Our art looks at an ever changing dynamic of patterns that evolve and move. We are exploring interactions of wind and light by using an innovative approach to capture the essence of wind movement and convey its transient nature. Smoke is introduced into a wind tunnel and allowed to flow over various objects.  As the wind and smoke interact, ethereal patterns are created in the wake as a result of the intrinsic laws of nature. These patterns owe their form to many factors including the speed of the wind, the shape of the object and the evolution of the coherent fluid patterns.  With these images we seek to draw the observer into an evolving, dynamic view of art and nature.

A video depicting the process we use to capture images of wind can be found https://youtu.be/ULfsT2kYttc